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MyBabyRoom.ie is part of the MyRoom group of companies under out parent company Yunax Ltd. We are a family run business with over 30 years experience in the furniture business.

Made in Germany Baby Room Furniture

Quality of our Products

All our baby room furniture and nursery furrniture sets are made to order in Germany where a combination of product quality and amazing designs sets us apart from the competition. This allows us to offer the best quality baby room furniture Ireland has ever seen.


As all our baby room furniture and nursery furniture are made to order this allows us to offer the best pricing for our customers. By not stocking a warehouse of products we can keep our costs down and this gives us the ability to give our customers the highest quality nursery furniture in Ireland.

Best Priced Baby Room Furniture

Baby Room Furniture

Landi Full Baby Room Furniture Set of Furniture Complete Set

Baby Room Furniture Sets

Welcome to life! Now your baby needs a bright and cosy place for sleeping, dreaming and stimulating its senses. Our baby room range is made exactly for that. Discover adjustable baby beds that can even be used temporarily for playing thanks to its solid workmanship. Fitting wall shelves and roomy cabinets create storage space for clothes, toys and teddy bears. Plus our cleverly designed changing tables make your daily life more comfortable due to their back-friendly height and lots of storage tray within close reach.

Create your perfect baby room furniture set by simply mixing and matching from the ranges you like

Baby Cribs

All our amazing baby room furniture ranges come with baby cribs and each one matches the unique features of the range itself. The quality of the baby cribs are outstanding and made to last for years to come.

Cribs are very important to us and are always the centre point of all the baby room furniture waterford customers will come to understand. Your new babies comfort and safety are the most important thing.

Keep in mind some of our baby cribs transform to kids beds which is a great option as your baby grows into a young child.

Baby Changing Units

Baby changing units are a must for all new baby rooms, at MyBabyRoom.ie we have some of the best baby changing units available. With amazing features including extra large changing areas, drawer storage and extra shelve storage. This allows you to be able to stock up on all those must needed nappies. Its a must have for any nursery!

In some of our ranges there is the option to add extra shelving at the back of the changing unit again giving your baby’s new room more storage and helping you as a parent stay organised. This is a great option and is one that we recommend if storage is limited.

Our baby changing units also come in various sizes depending on the range and as such can accurate different baby changing mats, make sure that you check out the sizes first.

Baby Wardrobes & Storage

All babies need plenty of storage and our wardrobes are always designed with this in mind. All our baby wardrobes including shelving and hanging storage and in most cases they also have drawer storage for smaller items.

You can simply never have too much storage for your babies needs, thats why at MyBabyRoom.ie all our ranges come with extra storage options including wall shelving, bookcases and extra shelving.

Kids Room Furniture

Kids Room Furniture Sets

When you baby out grows their nursery furniture it may be time to get some new kids room furniture. Our growing kids room furniture ranges come in different styles and finishes and just like the baby room furniture are of the highest quality. This ensures that it will last for years to come.

Our kids room furniture sets have many options including wardrobes, beds, desks etc and you can mix and match to create a set that suit your home and your needs.

Kids Wardrobes & Storage

Just like babies, young kids have tons of toys and clothes and every family struggles to keep everything tiny. In our kids bedroom ranges we have different size wardrobes that are designed to last and will help you keep your kids room clean.

There is also ranges that maximise space such as our Nova Kids Room which creates the maximum about of wardrobe storage and floor space by raising the bed in a bunk bed fashion.

For extended storage options please check out our wardrobe ranges on Yunax.ie

Kids Beds

All our kids bedroom furniture sets have matching kids beds, these are perfect for younger kids and can come with features such as pull out storage or pull out beds for when they have friends over.

All our kids beds sizes are based on mattress size single and are the standard sizes in Europe and Ireland.

Its also worth noting that many of our baby cribs/cots can be later transformed into kids beds, which helps keeps parents costs down as your baby grow up.

Kids Desks

One of the most important ways of encouraging your child’s interest in school is to set up his own study corner. Having a dedicated “learning area”—including a space to write and even their own kids desk can really help your kids stay on top of their schoolwork.

Beside schoolwork some kids use a desk area for computer games and other activities. At MyBabyRoom.ie we have a selection of kids desks that don’t break the budget and will last for years to come.

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